Thursday, August 27, 2015

Summer, Don't Go!

As summer winds down, check out what we've been up to these past few weeks.

Up top is where we were 5 weeks ago, down below is from earlier today. Fantastic progress, thoughtful speed and premium quality doesn't always go hand in hand. But with this team it does! 

A deep window seat and some Chuck Taylor Hi Tops. Classic!

Black trim, ebony floors and white walls. Classic cool? UM, YEA! In a 1790's farmhouse! Great house, awesome family! signature project! Stay tuned- we're approaching the finish line!

The view from the library of a terrific penthouse at 10 Gracie Square. 9:15am. Friday. NYC. Who needs a TV with a window like that! 

Precision. Nothing less!!

A lovely way to get going on a Tuesday! Thanks to The Franklin Report for the shout out!!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer Days are in full swing here at The Renovated Home. While many people have a escaped the city for the summer, we are still here in in full force. Check out what we've been up to!

Uber-chic! Looking at some houses with clients and this one, on Main Street in East Hampton is really a cool house on a great property! just a walk down the street from town!

So what does our awesome client from Hong Kong do when they are overseas and moving to New York? They "Cartoon bubble" me their ideas and thoughts!! Love it! Very funny and genius!!

What the H@l! are we doing!?!?! That's easy!! We just completed our full floor design and build renovation on Park Ave and the client is thrilled ....BUT, now it's time for everyone to stop patting themselves on the back and find any blip, any little nit that doesn't meet MY STANDARD!! SO, with my trusty 3000w painters light - I'll find every nook and cranny that isn't perfect. And then we will make it perfect! That's what a punch list is ALL ABOUT! Perfection! Nothing less! That's what we are all about! we demand it and our clients deserve it. End of story!!

Working the stone borders for our upcoming Park Avenue project!!

Here's a very cool idea!!! No hardware on a shower door! just pull with your finger through the hole. For those who can't decide on a handle style.. this could be genius!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Monday, June 1, 2015

What We've Been Up To!

Some VERY cool things are happening here at The Renovated Home!! 
Here is an inside look at some of the excitement!
A behind the scenes look at our new head shots!! We needed some new photos taken so we went into traffic and played :) 

The best damn doughnuts we have ever had! And they were parked right in front of the office Saturday. What are the chances we were able to abstain??

Check out this High Gloss Lacquering in the gallery at one of our current Park Avenue Projects
Couldn't even begin to think of a better "first appoint of the summer" location. Taking in theses spectacular New York views.

Giancarlo & Lee looking sharp. These two partners in crimes wake up every day ready to go. We have the best team here at TRH and we are blessed to call these streets our playground.

Have a great week everybody! Check back soon for some more excitement.